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Testimonials, Tributes, Character References

"I was one of the Drill Instructors for Rick Welch. Needless to say he stood out as a "Top Recruit." He was assigned as Platoon Guide, the most senior recruit billet. Rick was an excellent leader and graduated as the "Honorman!" Even though it's been more than 30 years, I still remember this man. I am proud to be associated with him and would recommend him, as a man of great character!"

Major Larry Carmon USMC Retired

Program Manager at OMNIPLEX World Services, Inc.

I have known Rick Welch for over 25 years. He has a great work ethic and is a man of his word. Rick has been in law enforcement for most of his life. Whether your needs are private security or guarding the people and things most precious to you, he will take any job seriously and do a fantastic job! Personally, I would trust him with my life! Rick and his team would be a great asset for any business.


Diahn Landry

Educator at Calcasieu Parish School Board

To whom it may Concern

Rick Welch, Gladiator Enterprises Inc, Gladiator Security, has provided security and patrol services at our properties since 1992. Our Shopping Plaza is a high trafficked 300,000 square foot retail shopping center where Gladiator's Officers provide both drive through and foot patrols of the entire shopping center seven days a week from dusk until midnight. Every morning we find a detailed report in the management office of the previous night's activity, whether consequential or not. Employees of the restaurants, and shops have the option of calling the officer to walk them to their vehicles should they feel insecure.

Our additional site locations have Medical facilities on them near a college where the students find it more convenient to park in surrounding lots rather than on campus. Gladiator Enterprises provides an onsite Officer who courteously and effectively reserves the parking lot for tenants and patients who patron. The officer very often will assist a patient to navigate the steps or notify the management office of matters that require maintenance.

Gladiator's Staff maintained by Rick are responsive, courteous and effective. Should a special occasion arise, such as parking lot closure, special events, or that we merely need additional support at other managed locations, there has never been a time Gladiator has not been able to provide the service.


Ida J. Rooney

Ida J. Rooney, CSM

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